It is vital that terrorist threats are detected and verified quickly. During a detection alert condition SecureTeq FUSION 24 Hour Emergency Response Center is instantly notified in tandem with your security staff. The response center HAZMAT technicians will have all available detection data within seconds, through the FUSION Threat Monitoring Platform. This valuable data gives the center’s HAZMAT technicians vital information while assisting on-site security personnel with handing the alert verification process, and if necessary, the real threat.

The Response Center has a number of information resources at its fingertips to assist with an emergency. 

The 24 Hour Response Center resources include:

  • Multiple Emergency HAZMAT Specialists 
  • SecureTeq FUSION Monitoring Platform w/Live IP Video
  • A vast database of chemical Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Technical information resources
  • Numerous searchable databases
  • Industry response expertise
  • Chemical expertise
  • Medical professionals and toxicologists
  • Connected to DHS CWIN (Critical Infrastructure Warning Information Network)
  • Language translation
  • Secure facility

Disaster Recovery

  • Back-up generator and UPS power supply
  • Telephone back-up systems
  • Redundant computer systems 
  • Off-site data back-up & storage
  • Back-up off-site response centers


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