High Sensitivity Radiation Detection System

Click to see larger image. Isotope Identification Radiation Detection Sensor
The GammaSentryID™ is a highly sensitive, IP network deployable. gamma radiation detection and identification system. The GammaSentryID™ is designed to seamlessly integrate our SecureTeq FUSION CBRNE Threat Detection Platform. The GammaSentryID™ can be connected deployed via a hardwired or wireless Ethernet (LAN/WAN).

The system can be configured to detect and identify a wide range of radioactive isotopes, including medical, industrial, naturally occurring and nuclear materials.

GammaSentry™ Applications:

  • Facility Security Radiation Detection Early detection nuclear dirty bomb terrorist attacks
  • Freight/Mail Security
  • Personnel/Vehicle Checkpoints
  • Area Monitoring
  • Large Public Venues
  • Transportation & Transit Systems
  • Ports of Entry
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GammaSentryID Radiation Sensors



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High Sensitivity Radiation Detection System
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High Sensitivity Radiation Detection System
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