Chemical, Biological & Radiological
SecureTeq’s open architecture Fusion Threat Sensor Monitoring Platform is integrated with multiple threat sensors that are designed to detect the presence of Chemical, Biological or Radiologic threats.

Our fully integrated Fusion Threat Monitoring Platform seamlessly fuses together multiple autonomous threat detection sensors to form an advanced IP networked real-time CBR detection system.

SecureTeq is continuously partnering with “best-in-class” threat detection sensor manufacturers. SecureTeq Fusion allows future expansion to 3G threat sensors while continuing backward compatibility of past investments.

Go to the Fusion Platform Partners page to contact us for a system design review and an up to date list of compatible threat sensor partners.







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Fusion Threat Sensor Monitoring Platform
Fusion Response Center
AirSentinel Biological Aerosol Sensor
Centurion Chemical Sensor
CWSentry Chemical Detection System
BioFlash™ Biological Agent Detector
Brukers' RAID-AFM Facility Chemical Sensor
GammaSentryID Radiation Sensors
GammaSentry 100 Radiation Sensors


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